Problem with SMS sending string translation

@zestyping @LN We have problem with string 615 in transifex

Submitting form, sending message %1$d! of %2$d

We get the message "The translation is empty and does no contain any words." It doesn't seem to matter what we do; even if we copy the original string we get the same error. Our translation is:

Inakusanya fomu, inatuma ujumbe %1$d kati ya %2$d

Maybe you can add it manual

Thanks for reporting that, @Iddy_Chazua. I like your solution -- you can leave it blank and the person doing the release can set it to Inakusanya fomu, inatuma ujumbe %1$d kati ya %2$d.

I think the problem might be that there's an extra ! in the English text. @joeldean, I think you added that string. Do you know if the ! is supposed to be there?

Woah. Nope, that's not supposed to be there at all.

I'm gonna investigate this and report back here later today.

Yes @LN there's an exclamation mark there. Gonna send in a PR to remove it.

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thanks for resolve this issue