Problem with "Underlying Value" = untitled


In an older version of my form, I left the "Underlying Value" field of "Choose one" questions empty, filling only the "English" field. Then the finalized forms were sent to a Google spreadsheet, in which the answer to those questions appears as "untitled" in all cases. The same also happens in the files stored in my mobile...

I tried to open those finalized forms in my mobile using ODK Collect in order to identify the "English" answers in each one. However, they all show the same alternatives as the answers of the choose one questions (the first alternative, I think), possibly because all alternatives have the same empty underlying value and it's not possible to distinguish between them once the forms were sent.

Do you know any potential way to find out the original "English" answer of each of these sent forms, considering I can't edit or send them again?


Welcome to the community, @Ricardo! When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

I'm very sorry to say, but there is no way to find out the "English" answer.

As to why this happened, this is a little subtle because having non-unique underlying values is allowed. This is needed when you want enumerators to see language that is familiar to them, but want the underlying data to be the same for easier analysis. In the example below, violet and purple are different choices, but they have the same value of 2.

label value
brown 1
purple 2
yellow 3
violet 2

While this is a useful technical, when it happens, it's likely a form design mistake and we should warn form designers. I've filed an issue at so we don't forget to make this change in Build.