Problems to create a form

Hi community, hope you are fine.

Attached you have the form i want to create but i have some displays problems.

A guy of the community help me to create a question with one choice per row with multiple choices as answers per column, and was great and very helpfull.
Now, I want to add more questions to my form but I want to do it without "begin_group" and "end_group". Unfortunatelly problems were not long in coming: frowning :.
I want to add the title of my question: "12. What groups are at risk of becoming seriously ill if they contract coronavirus? i found the problem (i am linking the selection to a list with diferents strings) but I don't know how can I put only like a title, maybe a solution could be to link it to a empty list. (see what i want to delete in the image below).


My proposal is to can see it as the second question in the form.
Attached you can find the form, maybe you can help me.
Thanks in advance and best regards,

Base formulario ODK.xls (9.1 KB)

Hola @Agustin ,

no es muy claro lo que necesitas :slight_smile:
Cuando dices que solo quieres poner un "title", quieres solo el texto sin las opciones a elegir?
Un campo "note"?
como en el formulario :point_down:
Base formulario ODK.xls (9.4 KB)

Me puedes escribir en Español si quieres.

Hola Aurelio,
Gracias por tus comentarios.
Exacto, quiero que esa pregunta quede como un titulo de pregunta. El tema es que, cuando agrego el campo como "note", queda de la siguiente manera y quiero que quede al igual que los otros titulos de preguntas.

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Hi Guys,
My problem is that i want to put the question 12 in the same format as its the question 2. With the * and painted in black.

Hola @Agustin ,

Base formulario ODK.xls (9.4 KB)

Eso lo hay utilizando form styling

Pero el problema está en que no sé si realmente es ingresado como una pregunta ya que el "type" es note.
En algún punto tengo miedo de que cuando quiera recolectar los datos tenga algún incoveniente..
De todas maneras, me sirve!
Muchas gracias, compañero!