Problems with ODK Briefcase

Hello ODK Community

in the last 3 days I have been trying to download the results of my surveys with ODK Briefcase version 1.4.3 and version 1.4.4. With both of the versions, once I enter the link to the Aggregate cloud, the user and the pass, the following message appears and I fail to pull the data:

Accessing the server failed with error: Exception: The server has not provided an available-forms document compliant with the OpenRosa version 1.0 standard.

Can any of you help me understand whether the problem is within my Aggregate or with ODK Briefcase?
Also a colleague has experienced the same issue, and we both are using the same Aggregate.


Any ideas, community? Any help is much more than appreciated.


When you log in to server, can you see your forms and associated data there?

Which aggregate version are you using?

From error message, It seems the forms uploded on your server are not openrosa compatible, which is strange thing for me.