Problems with using pulldata function

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Can you Please help me in this.

we have a form , where we are entering a group code to get the data from csv uploaded in media via pull data.

now on the basis of that code we want to pull multiple rows from csv to use select multiple case say the name of different members of that group / household

TO Provide more information

Step 1 - Select Group Code
Step 2 - Pull Multiple Members of that group on the basis of Code to use select multiple from csv
Step 3 - select members available in meeting

i tried a lot but now at the stage of give up , can you please help me in this



Hi @caneeraj
could you attach your form along with the external files? It would be much easier to help you then instead of creating a whole solution for you from scratch.

Hi @Grzesiek2010

Thanks for looking in to this.

Please find the files ( Both Form and external CSV )

planningupload.csv (372 Bytes)
Daily Planning Credit Officer.xlsx (12.8 KB)

i could able to get data basis ecode and now we want that after selecting ecode if we select a particular date , data of that date , we should get .

Please help

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First of all you require 4 digit ecode but in your csv file you have 2 digit codes.
Then there might be something wrong with underscores in columns names in csv files sometimes I saw a similar issue long time ago but can't find it now. Sometimes you need to save your files again or if it doesn't work replace underscores.
To solve the first problem I removed your regex (so that I can pass 62 which you use in your csv file) and to solve the second one I saved your files again (if it doesn't work for you please replace that underscore in ecode_key and use ecodeKey for example. (13.1 KB)

Please try it out and let me know if you have any other problems.

Hi @Grzesiek2010

My Problem was a bit different , as you must had seen that the dates were different in both rows

what we want to do is , that we want that when the enumerator will select date variable after ecode , the data should be pull based on combination of both ecode_key & upload date so the correct row data can be achieved.

as the data enumerator will be visiting field based on schedule and we want that he should have correct data according to date in his form.

Hope i could explain what i need .



Then I would combine ecode_key and uploaddate to have one column with values like 01/12/2020-62 and then look for such values. Here is a sample: (12.9 KB)

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HI @Grzesiek2010

Thanks a Lot , It Worked.

Cheers !