Project in multiple location

Hi Team,

I have used ODK Aggregate. But new to ODK central.

  • I am planning to implement a survey in multiple locations/country.
  • 1 single central questionnaire. Countries will adopt them as per their country context and requirements. I am looking to have the number sequence unique in all locations. Just to support with data collation and analysis.
    Eg: 3 Questions
    Q1 - Should show for Malaysia only
    Q2 - Should show for Singapore only
    Q3 - Should show for both Singapore & Malaysia
    Can this be done without a relevant condition?
    If yes, could you please advice?

You can ask with user select_one type question and then if you will select Malaysia then you will see questions those need to be asked for Malaysia only.

If you will share your ODK excel sheet then you will get a more accurate response from the ODK community.
Whenever you will get time please Introduce yourself Here


Hi Thank you for your suggestion. Just realized the function is being processed using pull data calculation. To enable pull data I believe we have to upload a media file. But I don't see a media tab enable in my form. Could you please help me with this. Refer print screen for more details

Is your pulldata calculate correctly formatted so Central will require the media to be uploaded?


  • reference file: filename.csv
  • lookup value ${lookup_var}
  • CSV index column name_key
  • desired lookup column field_lookup

The calculate would look like: