Projects vs Project Spaces

Hi all,

I just wanted some clarity on the difference between projects and project spaces.

If I only have one project space, but multiple projects within that project space, is there no way to control who has access to which project? So essentially, all administrators/project managers will have access to everything? Even the data that is collected?

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There's no difference. We call them "project spaces" in ODK Cloud to help reduce support questions like yours!

A single project space has unlimited forms and unlimited data collectors and lets you choose which forms can be used by which data collector.

Multiple project spaces help separate data collection efforts so that a project manager of one project space cannot see or manage the forms in another project space.

Hi @yanokwa

Thanks for your response. I understand this, but will all administrators/project managers have access to everything within the project space? Even the data that is collected?


Yes, all administrators/managers have read/write access to all forms and data. Note that every action taken is logged and most actions are undoable.