Proposal: customize name and label 'columns' in selects from external data in XLSForm

When creating select options from external (and internal) data in XLSForm, the "name" and "label" data columns are hardcoded in the XForm output (and therefore required in the data), when using:

  • select_one_from_file filename.csv & select_one_from filename.xml
  • select_multiple_from_file filename.csv & select_multiple_from filename.xml
  • (are there others?)

This means that you'd normally have to modify the data file to rename columns (or XML nodes), which is not great.

This is purely a pyxform/xlsform restriction because Collect, Enketo, iXForms etc are perfectly capable to deal with other names.

How about adding something outrageous (but very nice) support for:

select_multiple_from_file hh-data.csv using hh_number as value and hh_name as label (where either one or two column/node names can be changed)

What do you think? Implementation considerations/problems in pyxform would be very valid arguments, of course.