Proxy error when sending data

Hello all, I am Samuel Okan-Adjetey and I'm happy to be part of the ODK Community.
I have some challenges and will be most grateful if I got some assistance.

After setting up the odk app on the phone, I am unable to send the data to the account from the phone.
I use the very latest version 1.16.4
I keep receiving a proxy error.
I will be glad to have your support to help me resolve the issue.

Thank you

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Welcome to the ODK forum, @Samuelokan! We're glad you're here. I've moved your post here because it's more a support request. If you want to tell us more about your work and experiences and plans for using ODK please tell us in introductions. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

Can you screengrab or take a picture of the proxy error and post it here?

Also, what server settings are you using? Have you looked at the documentation on setting up ODK Collect and connecting to a server?