Publish Data from ODK Aggregate to JSON Server on Linux

Hi everyone:

I'm working on an UN agency, we are using ODK Aggregate to collect data for several projects and we are trying to do the following task:

  1. Once data is collected on the aggregate we want to publish on a JSON Server
  2. Once data is published on the JSON Server it will be consume by a GIS (QGIS) software and present the data on a map or dashboard

This is my current configuration:

  1. ODK Aggregate is under 2 server (1. webserver and app; and 2.posgresql server)
  2. I have configure a JSON Server on CentOS.

Is it possible to publish on a local JSON Server the data from ODK? and if it is possible does ODK include some code on the source or a tool that we need to use?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards.