Publishing into Google spreadsheets does nothing (ODK 1.4)


I'm using ODK Collect 1.4 and ODK Aggregate 1.4 (with GAE) to submit forms from an Android device into a google spreadsheet.

Everything seems to go well: I submit the form from an Android device, and then I can properly see the submission in the Aggregate submission page. However, the form is not published into the spreadsheet (always in "NOT YET CREATED" status). No errors or warnings of any kind on the Aggregate UI interface, and the spreadsheet is not created at all.

From an authentication perspective:

  • I tried to publish into Google Apps domain using OAuth2, following the instructions.
  • I tried to publish into gmail account
    Same result in both. No spreadsheet is created.

I would appreciate any guidance. BTW, I had the same problem with the ODK Aggregate 1.3.4.