Publishing ODK Collect on Playstore

I've cloned the ODK collect and have made some of custom changes required for my project. But changing package name urges me to change in google-service.json file too. And when I try to get the form from the app, it throws me an exception with a message

Attempt to invoke interface method 'int android.database.Cursor.getCount()' on a null object reference A help would be appreciated for a better approach to change the package name and use the functionalities of ODK Collect

The solution i made for that one was I changed the whole package name of the project it means the app id, package name and the google service file, you also need to change some code path on the classes. The downside of doing this is you cannot pull latest code on ODK Collect Repo. I am not sure if there's a better way to handle this.

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Hello William,

I would like to clone the ODK collect as well. Can you please help me understand how to do that?