Publishing to Fusion Tables from aggregate site on server

For some reason we have one particular form, on our server, which defaults to ACTIVE_PAUSE and then PAUSE whenever we try to publish to Fusion Tables. It publishes only a subset of the submissions. We are using v1.4.12

Simon, is the form (or its submissions) particularly big? Anything else that might make them unique from other forms that work? Have you been able to look at the logs to see if there are any hints as to what is going wrong? What else have you tried so far?

Hi Yaw. The form is smaller than others we are using, which are functioning fine. It has a subform with 2 images, but that is something that our other forms also have. We have tried deleting and re-publishing; it is the same subset of forms that get published each time. If we leave it for a while, those forms are repeatedly published by ODK and the Fusion table continues to accumulate duplicates. We have tried re-starting the Tomcat. We have tried deleting all the previous FTs from the Google Drive account. Publishing of the same form to Google Sheets does not have the same problem. Where can I find the logs? And thanks for the help!

Hi again, the logs seem to indicate that there is an error related to the google API. I have attached here. But as there are other forms on the same aggregate site that are publishing to FT without a problem, I am confused by this, and wary of changing the API details. Any advice? log_tomcat.txt (12.7 KB)

I agree that this seems to be some Google auth issue, but I don't know that code at all and so I'm limited in what I can do.

The only thing I can suggest now is for you to spin up a test server with just that form, the newest version of Aggregate, and a new Gmail account and test and see if the problem can be reproduced there.