Pull data from same form data

Dear Team,

I want to collect two visit data in same form where i want to display 1st visit data into 2nd visit.

Please guide.

Dear @Rakesh_Ranjan

If I have understood correctly, you have one form, this is completed the first time that you visit. Then there is a second visit at a future date where the same form is completed, and you wish the data that were collected at the first time to be shown to the ODK user.

If my understanding is correct then this is possible using entities but is not simple. You would create a separate table that stores the key variables that you wish to conserve and this is interrogated at future visits to pull up the relevant details.

I can't offer a quick fix, I would suggest that you get your Central installation updated to the most recent version (the implementation of entities keeps being improved with each upgrade) and spend time familiarising yourself with entities


Another option could be to save the filled Collect form locally (without finalisation and submission) and re-edit, complete and submit it later. Disadvantage: On server level, you will not see (and store) the data before the final visit.

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The more detail you can provide on your desired workflow, the better recommendations we can make. I also encourage you to read through this guide to different form structures.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is the same person going to do the 1st and 2nd visit?
  • Do you know what visits are going to happen ahead of time or is the initial visit a registration step?
  • Are the first and second visits two "phases" that are separate in time or are they ongoing at the same time?
    • If they're two phases, it may be practical to download data from the first phase and attach it to the form for the second phase.
    • If they're not too phases, how much time will generally pass between the two visits?

If the two visits are not distinct phases, you will need visit data to flow more regularly back out to data collectors. You could still do this manually, for example, by downloading visit data daily and attaching it to the original form. For an automated approach, @Paul_Bessell is exactly right that you can use Entities. I don't think the form design has to be all that complicated and if you give more details on your desired workflow we can likely point you to an example to start with.

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