Pull data while using google sheets as server

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I received an excel sheet of variables from my Hospital Information System, and I realized that I could Pull most of the data into the ODK Collect (Android app) which I will be using to collect data.

I use google drive - google sheets in my ODK server settings in my ODK Collect app.

I have failed to use the pull data function while using the google drive as my server. Can you please share any link or blog or videos which explains in detail how to add CSV file into my google drive?

I have successfully used ODK for many of my projects. However, I am having difficulty adding the .csv file to google drive and pull data.

@pdineshraj Let's say your form is test.xml. You'll need to create a test-media folder with the CSV inside and then everything will work in the Google Drive folder with your form. If you need a sample form with images to try, use test.zip.


Thank you @yanokwa

I misunderstood and created the folder in Google drive (and it didn't work).

I created the folder in the mobile phone (internal memory) and then it worked fine.

This post by @Fabla was very helpful.

Is there a way to do this through google sheets (e.g. put the media folder in the google drive you are using) or does it have to be through the device directly? I am trying the fruits example with google drive as my server but I can't get the fields that I am trying to pull to populate.

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answering your question, it is possible but you need to make sure that:

When using Google Drive, the -media folder should be uploaded to the same location as the form. If you share forms with another user, you need to share the parent folder which contains a form and a folder with media files. Sharing both of them separately wouldn't be enough.


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Thank you, Very specific. Work perfect.
Regards, from Argentina

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welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!