Pull data with photos

@TobiasMcNulty This is a pain point for me as well, I have CSVs that reference many images, so also need to force them into Central. Here's what I do:

  • Add a choice list, eg ref_images to your form, then under the image (and perhaps big-image) column put the filename - I use formulas to build the label / image / big-image values from the name.
  • important : Add a select_one to the form at the very start/end that references this choice list, but has relevance set to false. If you don't do this, the choice list won't end up in the XML and the media won't be required for Central upload. This step may become unnecessary in the future.

Obviously, you will need to keep your internal choice list and required media list in sync.

Are you then trying to use these files as dynamic defaults into an image widget? If so, see my showcase on this, currently it can be done in Collect but not Enketo by prepending filename.ext with jr://images/ and placing this string in the calculation column. I also pull a filtered set of fields from a CSV that have an image and big-image value into a select question in order to show these image(s)