Pull Date from CSV file and load them to date fields in my form


I using ODK1 and stuck and would use your help. I am trying to pull date value from external CSV using the pulldata() function. it works fine if displayed in a label or hint, but when i apply the pulldata() result to a date field, ODK throws an error that date is not correctly formatted, i suspect it has to do with conversion or formatting of the result if not my device settings but i cant't seem to find a quicker solution

Any hint to how to pull dates from external CSV and applying them to date fields in ODK will be highly appreciated

Best, Jules R

Hi @jules_rugwiro,

How are you pulling those dates? Can you attach the xls form with the csv files

Hello @dicksonsamwel

Thanks for the prompt reply. I am pulling the date like this: pulldata('MyChild', 'DOB', 'IID', ${S1_01_2}). see the files for more details

Best, Jules R

e-Monitor_PullDate.xlsx (14.4 KB)
MyChild.csv (1 KB)

What you are trying to do is to set the "DOB" by default and change if required.

First i don't think you can pull date like that, how you are pulling.

Setting dates without users interaction is currently not possible. I would advice to redesign your form.

Check out this thread on setting default date How to default the time data type to the current time?