Pulling data using ODK collect

I have problem in pull data. The function works in enketo with pc but not in odk collect on android. Kindly help

Can you share the form files to help people troubleshoot?

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camplist.csv (1.1 MB)
New HH.xlsx (352.6 KB)
Some names are pulling while others not. In enketo everything works fine well.

Do you have examples of which ones are not working?

Subject: English
County: Bungoma
Village: Kibindoi A
Was this household visited: Yes
Name of the child: Lewis kiboi

This is the screenshot of the phone

Hi @David_Roba
The issue you have encountered is caused by the fact that you have a space after lewis kiboi in your csv file so instead of 'lewis kiboi' it is 'lewis kiboi ' and as a result, it causes problems in ODK Collect. We have just recently learned about this issue from Unable to see data entered while editing a record and will try to solve it but for now, please make sure such whitespaces are removed from your csv file.

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Hi @Grzesiek2010 Thanks for that clarification. I formatted all the data to plain text in google sheets and it worked.

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