Purged Published Form Delete All Submissions

I tried to publish to spreadsheet, but not working, but when I press Purge Published Data, it delete all submission on my server.

Hi @Mirabilia_Nigeria_LT
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could you be a bit more specific? What tools are you using hat errors you get?

I installed ODKAggregate successfully on Tomcat.

Upload my forms and send enumerators to the field.

The forms were uploaded successfully and I could see it on the 5th Sept. total about 430 submissions.

I want to create a publisher to use the data on google sheet, so I followed the documentation to do that. I did all but could not get the ODKAggregate to publish to google sheet with a Null error...

So when I clicked on Purge Published data, I discovered that it went to delete all the submissions...

I have revoke the odk user to DELETE on my PostgreSQL and monitoring the situation as speak.

I have been using ODK for more than 4years. so I think there is something with the new version.