Push data in csv format to odk1

Hi Everyone,

We are working on a project that requires huge amount of data storage. We have set up ODK Aggregate with ODK1 platform to collect data and push the forms to aggregate.Now that we also have data collected from different sources.Everything is saved as csv file for the similiar questionare.
We now have to push this csv file into the aggregate. But as for as I know ODK1 only supports upload of xml format of the instances. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is there any way to push csv file directly into the aggregate database?
We currently cannot use the ODK2 functionalities of tables and survey due to user access privileage issues.

Thanks in advance.

There is nothing turnkey. Your options from easy to hard...

  1. Write a script that transforms the CSV into a series of XML instances and use Briefcase to submit the data
  2. Build something that uses the Form submission API to talk directly to Aggregate.
  3. Insert the directly into DB structure. This is probably a horrible idea, but it is an idea.