Put image by XML file

how to put images in the form other than the xls file?
I would like to add photos to questions that are like cascading, but I would like to put the path manually in the XML, can someone post an example how to write and where exactly in the cell phone folder the image should be?

Editing xml files manually is error prone I would rather not do that... however if you want to try you can create a sample form in xls where it's easier and well documented then convert it to xml using https://getodk.org/xlsform/ and then you will see how that structure should look like.

unfortunately, this functionality that you are indicating to me is not free.. so I would have to do it through the xml file.
if you have any example just so I can replicate it here in mine I would be very grateful

building forms using xls is free https://xlsform.org/en/ What's not free?

what is not free is the conversion service

It is free just upload you xls file and it will be converted to xml for free.

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You can add media labels to all fields except selects (tracked at https://github.com/getodk/build/issues/245).