Putting large number of options in dropdowns


What is the best solution to handle the dropdown if we have to populate it with a large number of options, like hundreds or thousands?


I assume select_one_external is the answer to this.


Hi Saad,
Could you group these options so that you filter them . for example by country, type. Due to low processing power few devices can handle such big numbers of options.

@William external itemsets were introduced to be fast even with very large numbers of options and have been used with older devices.

If you have a select_one or select_multiple that is slow, first make sure that it is indeed external. If you do have an itemset that is slow to load, please post it along with the devices you are using so that it can be verified.

What you are describing with grouping sounds like cascading selects. Those are useful for organizing questions that enumerators see and can be used in combination with external itemsets.