pyODK v1.0: Use Entities in Python

pyODK is a Python-based API client for ODK Central that's used to automate form management, data analysis, and more. This release adds the most requested feature, support for Entities!

What's new

:rocket: Create and update entities and entity lists
:memo: Create new forms from XLSForms or XForms
:chopsticks: Use $select in submissions.get_table to return only selected fields
:arrows_counterclockwise: Learn to create and update forms in the create_or_update example
:mailbox_with_mail: Learn to create personalized Word documents in the mail_merge example

Learn more in the detailed release notes and documentation.

How to get these improvements

From PyPI with: pip install pyodk --upgrade

What's next

Now that pyODK has reached v1.0, we will increase major version numbers whenever there are breaking changes!

Please share your ideas for pyODK so we can build what you want next!