Pyxform duplicating choices labels

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
In my XLSForm, I have 3 notes that are supposed to appear based on the results of a calculate question. The calculate question sums the results of q1+q2+q3.

• note1 is to appear if the result of the sum is less than or equal to 1
• note2 is to appear if the result of the sum is equal to 2
• note3 is to appear if the result of the sum is equal to 3

In the choices sheet, 1 represents the correct answer, and 0 the wrong answer. I have enabled choice duplicates to enable me do this. The survey on the ODK online validator works perfectly, however ODK Central and Kobo Toolbox repeat the choices as shown in the screenshot.

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?
Please help me fix this, and you could as well suggest alternative ways of going about my logic

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
Yes, but they don't work.

4. Upload any forms or screenshots you can share publicly below.
I have attached the screenshot to show the issue and uploaded the XLSForm for your reference.

Xls form.xlsx (14.4 KB)

This is because of the way that the latest released version of pyxform converts select choices. It has been changed in XLSForm online and will be updated in Central within the next two weeks (read more about the change here).

Until then, you can use a choice filter of true() on any of the selects as a temporary fix (that will continue working with the new version as well).