QR code /pull data tips

Dear community,

In my company we are using ODK a lot to collect some information on tree planting projects. To do this, we go 3 times a year to the same farmer and each time we 1) correct the information collected in previous steps (using a pull data) 2) collect some new information.

The management of the pull data becomes heavier as the more farmer we work with the more difficult it is to identify them in a list. In that sense, I was wondering if it was possible to link a QR code with a pull data?

Each person would have a card with a QR code and by flashing it, information would be automatically pulled in in the form.

Thanks :slight_smile: Emma


You can do it in two stages. First, you have a barcode (QR reader) to record the person's ID. Then use "pulldata()" to get data associated with that ID:


Thanks for your idea!

Once you've scanned the QR code, you would still select the ID number from a list? Or is there a better way to link the barcode to the pull data?

If you use a QR then there is no need for a list. I assume that the QR code is the ID number. So for example the QR will store the ID number in the variable "qr_id" and then you can use pulldata('my_csv_with_data','person_name','person_qr_id',${qr_id})

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