Question: Can ODKCentral handle the submission exportation (csv file) of multiple-choice answers as dichotomies?

Hi erveryone, recently i've return to data colection field in a small NGO here in Guatemala.
They currently work with Survey To Go and for analytic purposes, sometimes we are in need to retrieve the response to multiple-choice question in the same order they was given by the interviewee.

For example of question:
Please tell me which brands of (whatever) comes to your mind...
-Brand A
-Brand B
-Brand C

in this cases we need to know the response order. As far as i can remember, by default ODK Aggregate stores and exports the answers in this way.

Col1stAnswer | Col2ndAnswer | Col3rdAnswer |
BrandA | BrandC | |
BrandB | BrandB | BrandC |
BrandB | BrandA | BrandC |

and so on.....

But recently we need to perform some analysis the require a "dichotomic" structure for multiple-choice answers. By dichotomic structure i'm talking a structure where the column just returns values 0 / 1 or TRUE/FALSE for every item.
Following the previous fictitious data, the dichotomic column structure should look like this:

ColBrandA | ColBrandB | ColBrandC |

well, i got off-the-grid for almost 4 years and i lost all the chances to try Central sandbox to try it by myself... and thats why i'm asking this (perhaps) silly question.

I've spent the morning reading the doc of ODKCentral and i was unable to find an answer to this question.
If someone knows anything in this matter, i will apprecaite greatly your comments.

Best regards from Guatemala

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Hi @NeriMartinez! This is not currently an option in ODK Central. However, we're planning to add this as part of the next version of Central, v1.4. For more details, please see the release criteria. We'll be working on v1.4 for the next few months.

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Hi @NeriMartinez! I wanted to let you know that v1.4 has been released, which means that this is now an option in ODK Central.