Question with image

I want to create a question that has an image and text and then multiple choice response. I know how do make the question and the reponses. How do I add the image? Can I just create a new value line in the Xforms? If so, what is the path and how do I upload the image to the server to it gets bundled with the survey?

Could someone load an XML file or the code as an example?


Here is the answer:

Basically, add this to your form:
< value >Do you have a well?</ value >
< value form="image" >jr://images/well.jpg</ value >

Then create a directory for the image that is the same as the form name in the ODK/Form directory.


i am not code writer, but in xls form we add "media:image" column, and then add name of file plus file type Ex (well.jpg), then, the image should saved to (form name-media) folder inside ODK form directory.