Questions about Collect first launch experience and form updates

This feature is awesome. However, I was wondering if we can have the flow of mobile app as:

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Log In using User Id and Password
  3. Scan QR or Configure to get the forms
  4. Form lifecycle

@rameshbhalla81 Reworking the first launch experience is something we'd like to do but it would not be part of this change.

Good to know that. Can you please guide why does the username and password option is available on the Add Profile screen?

Also, there is no way to delete the forms downloaded on the mobile or tablet device of the surveyor from central. Thus, wanted to have a real time log-in sync either through firebase or central authentication.

Do you mean because Central is provisioned through QR codes? It's available because there are many other systems that use Collect and they may favor usernames and passwords.

Have you tried the managed QR codes from Central v1.1? If you delete a form or revoke its access for the QR code's App User, the form will be hidden from any device provisioned with that QR code within 15 minutes.

I will spin this conversation out into its own thread to keep things organized.