Random display a subset of question library

Hi forum,
My case is that I want to create a 20 questions examination. These 20 questions are randomly taken from a library of 100 questions.
Is there a way to random display a subset of question library?

If you search on the forum, you can find a few approaches to solving this problem. Try them!

Just to be sure, in addition to being randomly selected, do the questions also have to be randomly presented/sorted? (this additional constraint may affect possible solutions...).

Thank you @Yaw, @Xiphware
The Randomization of questions is close to the approach that I'm looking for. I did read this topic before but I stuck at preventing the random function generate duplicate number so potentially specific question maybe appear several times. Pls see my attached form.sample.xlsx (14.8 KB)
I found this thread about de-duplicate but look like it not work.

The Randomization of questions and randomly presented/sorted is also interesting me and I'm looking at them. I think I need it.