Randomization of questions

My colleague and i are coding a questionnaire where we want certain frames/instances should be randomized. We have three frames that is legal, social norms and health which should be used before the enumerator can ask the follow on questions. So for each household visited, the enumerator should randomly use the any of the three frames as an introduction to a set of questions. Is there a way to code such randomization?

A bad idea that might could be improved...

This is probably a terrible idea, as it will require a bit of data cleaning on the back end after the fact,
but I'm suggesting it so that maybe someone can think of a way to make it better....

What if you used a series of calculate rows to randomly assign your question text to three variables, and then used each of those variables as the label for three questions?

This would only work if your three random frames are individual questions of the same type, and don't need different choice-lists. (If all three were just text widgets, that would be best.)

A maybe better idea...

What if a random calculation was used to define an order, and then that order was told to the enumerator in a note? Then, the enumerator would use the jump menu to move through the questions according to the defined order.

Dear Adam, the three frames are texts that should be used before the follow up questions are asked.

I think this could be done by putting all three frames in the same form as separate questions. Then at the beginning, use a calculate with a random, then you can have a relevancy that picks one of the three frames based on the random value (e.g., 0-1/3, 1/3-2/3, 2/3-1)


Thank you Yaw. I will try and keep you posted on the progress

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Dear Yaw, thank you very much for the valuable feedback you had provided. Apologies for not getting back to you on time. That said, i write to confirm that the randomization worked well. I followed the guidance of starting the question with calculate and then defined the randomization interval.