RangeError: invalid array length

After successfull data collection with Collect and uploading on Central we get a message just for some of the submission when trying to open the dataset in Central for editing:

Error occured during the loading of this form. We do not recommend you edit this record until this is resolved.

Please contact support@getodk.org with the link to this page and the error message below:

RangeError: invalid array length

I downloaded the data, but could not find a difference in the data fields that would explain why these datasets trigger the error message.

I have checked the form and uploaded a new version. With the same result.

My suspition is that the error is related to the geoshape and its transformation in WKT. The .xlsx form design with just this section is attached.

Thanks for help!

certification_unite_agricole_problem_RangeError- invalid array length.xlsx (13.1 KB)

Hi Daniel,

Looking at xlsform, I can't find any field called unite_agricole_geopoint_wkt_actualise which is used in calculation of unite_agricole_actualise_geometrycollection_wkt.

Would you mind sharing the xml of a sample submission that is causing error.

To get the xml of submission: click on the more button on the submission row, a new tab will be opened, in the address bar of the new tab, replace # with v1 and append .xml at the end of the URL. It will be similar to this: https://yourdomain.getodk.cloud/v1/projects/512/forms/simple/submissions/uuid%3Aa07deac4-232d-432a-80eb-032214863f71.xml

Hi Sadiq,

Sorry for my late answer and many thanks for looking into this.

Please find attached the xml.

The issue only appeared for a limited number of submissions of the same enumerator uploaded on one day.

2024-02-15PR-SCOPACI-013KOUASSIN'Zolie V.xml (5.0 KB)