Rapid Assessment

Dear Team,
I want to Develop a form in which i have 10 sections and i want to rapidly select 1 section after than ask for select other option and then fill second section and so on.
Can it Possible, If Yes Plz Guide me.


Yes, this is possible. Sidechat me for more.

Hi @Stephen_K_ojwang ,

Thank you begin part of the community.

Please consider this is an open community. Hence assistance provided should be public for the benefit of the community

This community has a lot of material, and we learn from each other.

Hope you understand this.


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Okay, put the questions in a group(i.e you should have 10 groups representing sections) and use the relevant to navigate to the different sections.

At one time i am able to fill only one section. But my problem is that i want to fill each and every section randomly

This is not personal

There is no easy way to randomize questions but you can try the approach described here Randomizing Lists or Questions within Groups - #2 by LN