Re: Cascading select in XLSForm


I'm having an issue with my xls form. When I use the template from here 2 and uploaded my form into the server, everything was fine. However, when I try testing the form with my android phone nothing seem to appear on the "lga", "enumeration", "locality", "supervisors" and "assessors" single choice option.

I assumed I had made a mistake somewhere, but do not know exactly how to fix it.

Please find attached the the Excel spreadsheet "Technical Assessment of Institutional Facilities Raw" for your reference

I will appreciate your quick response!

Kind Regards,
ChrisTechnical Assessment of Institutional Facilities Raw old.xlsx (47.3 KB)

The choice_filter of state=${state} means that it is trying to match the data answer for your question with name=state to values in the state column (column D) for rows on your choices sheet. The data answer is what is in your name column on your choices sheet. So when someone for "Q1. State" selects "Cross River" (the label) the data that is saved is "cross_river" (the name). On your choices sheet in columns D-G for the choice_filter values, you need to use the values from your name column, not your label column. So in your XLSForm, D50:D79 should be "cross_river" and not "Cross River", etc. I think fixing that should solve your problem.

Thank you so very much...i have effected your comments and every option is now appearing. Thanks again Mr danbjoseph