Recommendations for ODK Aggregate

Hi, I've used ODK in the past and set up the server using Google AppEngine. I've now got to set up another server, and I see that Google AppEngine is no longer supported. I have looked at the other options but they seem more complicated now and the instructions more difficult. I work for a medium sized NGO with limited IT support, and we are running a small monitoring survey (500-1000 respondents, 20 data collectors). What is the simplest and surest way to set up an ODK aggregate server?

Hi @Colin_Beckworth_74! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community! Did you just look at Aggregate installation options or have you checked out ODK Central on Digital Ocean? The goal with Central is to create a modern sibling to Aggregate that is easier to install, easier to use, and more extensible with new features and functionality. More on Central in this post:

I would always rather see users able to depend on the core ODK ecosystem. But another option would be to use UN OCHA's servers. The code for their software is built on ODK source code. They provide unlimited usage accounts for humanitarian organizations, and slightly limited accounts for researchers, aid workers & everyone else. Note that this forum can't provide technical support on KoBo issues.

Many thanks Dan - I'm an M&E specialist working in the nutrition sector in 10 countries throughout Asia and Africa but based in Canada. I'm trying to support one of our country offices to deploy this survey remotely. I've used ODK and Magpi before to good effect. I took a look at the links and it looks quite complicated to set up a server now. However, Kobotoolbox seems like it provides enough storage for a small survey like ours (no more than 2000 records total, basic survey data, no pictures) and enough uploads (no more than 2000 in a month). We already have questionnaires in XLSform so we can just upload those, correct? And its free. Seems like the ideal solution to our problem, unless there are any hidden drawbacks I haven't seen?

Yes, you can upload your XLSForm to KoBo. No hidden drawbacks that I know of. KoBo Collect is an almost direct copy of ODK Collect, just usually a number of versions behind. So you might miss out on some bug fixes. However, you should be able to use ODK Collect to submit to a KoBo server. Either way, please be sure you thoroughly test your setup (including submitting test data) before going live with your data collection. I would create 2 accounts: one to host your form and data; and one that you share the form with and only give submit access (so that you don't put your main credentials on the phones).