Record audio responses to open ended questions


I am preparing a questionnaire to be used to interview health providers providing sexual reproductive health services to adolescents in DRC, and containing both closed and open-ended type of questions.

I wish I could audio record open answers from health providers. I followed the ODK’s instruction to edit the form’s source XML, specifying the audio type and it works.

However, I realized that there is a limit to the time you can audio record, 10.25 minutes. I wonder if there is the possibility of extending this time, or if in reality you can only record short audios, with the risk of having to stop recording before the response has been completed. I'm using ODK version v1.13.2, on a Samsung.

Thank you, Francesco


I think the limit you are talking about depends on the external app you use. There is no limit in ODK Collect. Maybe try a different audio recorder.

Dear Grzesiek2010,

Thanks, I thought it could depend on that, or from the memory of my perhaps almost full device. But it seemed to me to have read, that there was a limit, I'm happy if it is not so. When starting to record, the audio recorder sets the total time amount in minutes available. I will try with another audio recorder. Thank you