Recovering data from forms in edit saved forms

I have 4 forms in the edit saved form tab. The survey version they were collected on is no longer on the tablet so when I try to access the forms to finalize them and send them I get an error: unable to edit this saved form because the corresponding blank form is not present or was deleted.

I also get a form id and a version number. So I tried to redeploy that version of the survey that corresponds to these form but I still get the error.

I'm using odk v1.14.1

Hi @Gloria_Guevara

if a filled form is finalized you can send such a form even if you don't have an original form on your device (as long as that original form exists on your server) otherwise you can't edit such saved forms as you noticed.

I tested that scenario and I was able to edit that form after downloading the original form again.
The form must have the same id and version number as before and then it works well.

hm, it's good to know it is supposed to work. However, I've tried to download the original form on the tablet again and then open the forms in edit saved form but I still get the error. I also restarted the tablet.

You can send me your forms.db and instance.db file form /odk/metadata/ dir on your device and then I can confirm formId and version number is the same.

I can see the form id from the device ajaMrEVnT6i47tRTSPHUZW
and the version vopVd8LRiGW2VHbL8BCPqB

But Im using Kobo and I dont think instances are recorded. I only have 4 possible options (different execels) and I've tried them all. I wonder if every upload is recorded as a different instance?

I'm pretty sure it should work if you have a form with the id and version number like the one you used for filling your form. So it's hard to say what's wrong in your case.

hi Grzesiek2010
I have a problem with my odk application.
it has deleted my edit saved form & send finalized for
can any one help me to recollect my forms back
or there is on chance for me to recollect them
inform me back asap
thanks in advance