Referencing ranges from pre-loaded data

I need to run a phone survey with 700 people. Each person has a unique ID from 1 to 700. To reduce the chances of error, I don't want to leave it up to enumerators to enter the unique IDs. I want to pull data such that it has the following flow:
Enter the range in which the unique ID falls -> 1-20 is chosen-> Display unique IDs 1-20 on next page -> 3 is chosen -> display demographic and contact details of respondent #3

I have successfully pulled all data. I am having trouble with the highlighted step (displaying all IDs corresponding to range). I can't figure out whether I need to use relevance or filter columns. Here is what my attached dataset looks like.

example_data.xlsx (20.6 KB)

How would I go about displaying IDs the correspond with the range?

I think you'll want to use a choice_filter.

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See if the approach shared here would be helpful.
range_questionnaire.xlsx (10.2 KB)
range_csv.csv (14.4 KB)