Referencing the repeat value from outside the repeat group


I have been experience an issue where I am trying to access the values entered inside a repeat group from outside the loop. However, I only succeed in getting the values of the first entry.

I tried looking up position() and indexed-repeat() functions but could not really figure out how to work with them.

Here's what I was trying to do:

  1. Ask how many repeats
  2. Ask for name, age, and gender of the respondent
  3. View the details of the respondent after the loop ends.

I have attached a sample file to better define my issue.

Appreciate the help :smiley:

sample_1.xlsx (5.4 KB)

Get your answer in this documentation:

Thanks Arif.

But I have been looking at the very document for a very long time, and have not been able to figure it out.

Will definitely give it one more go.

P.S: I also just realized that I hadn't scrolled to the right where the usage of the indexed position was shown. Tired mind I guess. :smiley:

Thanks a lot again

Check the xls and hopefully it will help you to get your desired answersample_1.xlsx (14.6 KB)