Regarding Driver Development for external sensors for ODK Sensor Framework

Hello all,
I am developing an Android application using some external
sensors (temperature, heart pulse, level)to receive data on my android
device.And these sensors are interfaced through Arduino Micro controller
board (As per the demonstration shown in * Open Data Kit Sensors: * Mobile
Data Collection with Wired and Wireless Sensors
) from which I want to
receive data wirelessly (using Bluetooth) on android device
I am using ODK Sensor Framework on my android device to
interface those sensors with my android device. So I have gone through
these two research papers

  1. Open Data Kit Sensors: Mobile Data Collection with Wired and Wireless

  2. Open Data Kit Sensors: A Sensor Integration Framework for Android at the

    And according to these research papers I suppose to implement two

a. Driver Interface for drivers (Should be developed by driver developer)
b. ODKSensorService Interface (Should be developed by Android Application

  As per the research paper and web site I went to source code of

Sensor Driver for temperature sensor which has a java implementation.

 But as I explained I am using Arduino Micro controller board  and I

think (as I have found the resource on websites) I have to write code
using 'Embedded C' to develop drivers and It is not supporting some of the
parameters specified in the abstract functions given in driver interface.

  So can you please explain me in some detail that how should I define

drivers that can be understood by Arduino Board and fulfill the
requirements of driver interface?

Or guide me through a way by which I can get correct way to meet the
specified requirements.

Thanks and Regards,

Mayank Godbole
+91- 900-970-4440