Regarding the Size Increase

1. We had issue of size on server we increased that size yesterday.

2. We have a server on Digital Ocean. Our Machine configuration was 4 GB ram and 160 GB Disk. Yesterday we increase that into 16 GB ram and 360 GB hard disk. Today we saw that all of space used and we have no space in server. We are unable to login in console

3. I tried to check in recovery console but was unsuccessful

4. Please tell me the steps how to access the console again and resize the disk



What version of Central are you using?

Did you enable Google Drive backups?

24ee74e5f974a518aa1cc8b06e7addb3be6b4690 (v1.3.3-2-g24ee74e)
5cc6fd79d112ce36d6298c61bb8817689c4c323b client (v1.3.2)
1d1a3a59969e61383da74119e405e67778b7a170 server (v1.3.3)

i just click on download now but my mistake when it asked for save in computer then i canceled to save. Progress was running in background and server space is continuously reducing. Please tell me what i do for this.

If you hit "Download Backup Now" button in Central, it downloads to your local computer, not to your server. So that's not why it filed up with space.

Reach out to Digital Ocean to see if their support team can help you access the console and resize the disk.

I'm curious did you setup monitoring as we describe at

Also, why did you increase the space initially? Do you have a lot of submissions with media?

In term of your first line, I clicked on "Download Backup Now" but when he asked to store data I was clicked on cancel button. After that I saw on HTOP that postgresql service was running on system and server space is reducing continuously. So I killed that process on HTOP. But that process used my 58GB space in server and where that temp file create I don't know. After killing that process server space is reducing on forms synchronization.

In term of your last line, Yes, We have lot of submission with media, As I told you that I am beginner in this field and I am learning from Social Pages and Documents.

Hi Praveen,
Hope you are well and safe. This happens when a non-technical person tries to do some technical things and in this process, a non-technical person learns a lot for this I would like to appreciate you for this.
Step 1. First of all if you know how to work with putty then I will suggest that you should install putty from Here.
Step 2 . Connect your cloud server with help of putty. This videos will help you to connect your system.
Step 3 . Check which OS you are using from this command "cat /etc/issue"
Step 4. Type this command to check space "df -h" , check AVAIL and USE space now this will tell you how much space do you have free in your system.
Step 5. Type "df -hT" This will show you in detail of memory use of your docker. Please share the screenshot of this.
Step 6. Type "docker ps -a --size" to know about size of each docker and here you will come to know what is your issues.
Step 7. Now you know which you need to shut down and you can fix your problem

One more thing is that you can easily increase the size of your system but you can not decrease the size of your system(docker).


Thank you so much for your reply, Sir. It will help me.