Registration using ODK

Dear Team
i am working on project where by i want to be registering the names of participants and make sure that i will not enter the same name twice, or a uniqueID

in another way i will like to issue a QR code to each participate and when they are coming for the training i will first scan and see if that information has been already collected using Odk

kindle help me find a solution


Hi @Mistangor,

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At the moments odk collect does not support that kind of functionality. All data lives on the device until they get submitted. And after that, they is no way at the moment to real time fetch the information from the server.

A workaround for that, since you issue a QR code to participant is easy to distribute those codes to participants which will ensure no duplicates. Duplicate check is done once all the data is downloaded, during data processing.

i want to create a form that can only be used once by one individual let me say, if am registering individuals.
e.g Id:123 name: mistangor lastname:gor age:25 sex:male

so i don't want that person to be registered again once trying to enter the same information the system should send a massage that that name has been registered


Also moving this topic here, they seem very close. Only one topic is enough issue

@dicksonsamwel thanks for your quick response however see the bellow attached, this how i will actually generate the participant uniq ID, and will configure it to QR code which i will later distribute to the participant, my problem here is, when capturing the QR code or entering the Unique ID manually is there away that i can not enter/scan the QRcode/Unique ID twice??

Participant Registration.xls (27.5 KB)

Hello again,

I am not aware of any workaround that you can do to achieve that.

Conserning the use of QR codes, I thought you have already predefined individuals whom you will visit. If this is the case,
then you can make sure only one code is generated and distributed for data collection. In this case you wont expect to get any duplicate. Identifying duplicates and dropping them in data processing software is very straight forward.