Relate select_multiple with many questions

can you please help me with this questionnaire.
I have a select_multiple question with 20 choices ( it is about item distributed)
and i want to link each item that has been selected in past question with many questions about quality ..( the quality questions are same for all items )
I want automatic preview of the quality questions only for selected items and I also want to show the name of item with its quality questions.

how can I do that please?

Get answer here Repeat questions using different questions outside repeat


Hello @Raneem_Al_Sawas,

To show quality questions of only selected , you can use relevant condition like selected(${name},'choice_name') and to show the name you can refer to that variable like this ${name} . But this is useful only if there is single select , in case of multiple select you have to follow another procedure. I am attaching a test form.
test_test.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Thanks and Regards,

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Thanks :slight_smile: it is work now