Relevance and skip questions

Hello Community,

I am currently developing a survey using XLSForm for ODK. In my form, I have multiple-choice questions for for crop indicators and based on the selected crops, I want to prompt different follow-up questions. Specifically, if a survey partcipant selects "Maize and indocates having a demonstration plot ('Yes'), I want to ask additional questions apart from the general repeat questions for all the other crops.
However, I encountered an issue where selecting other cops alongside the "Maize" and demonstrated plot does not display the information about the other crops. i have realised using a strict condition like "${crop} = 'Maize' limits the display of other crops.

Could You please provide a syntax/code solution to handle this issue? I want the form to prompt additional questions if 'Maize' is selected alongside other crops, while considering the demonstration plot status.

Thank you all in advance for the assistance.

Is crop a multi_select? If yes, check
Conditionally showing questions

selected(${crop}, 'Maize')