Relevance Within Repeated Groups

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
First I am asking about the No. of HH members? let's assume it is 2, then repeat_count = 2
I have this question in a repeated group:
Is this person an alternate recipient? Y/N

if the answer is Y, the question shouldn't appear in the next HH member.

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
I have searched here for similar scenarios but couldn't find a solution.
Relevance_reapeat_group.xlsx (25.0 KB)

Your extract creates syntax errors. Would you mind to complete/adapt it, please? You can check it here

Thanks a lot, I have made the changes to the form and now it not creating any syntax errors
Relevance_reapeat_group.xlsx (25.1 KB)

@jules_rugwiro could you please support this one, if you have any solution?

I don't think you can control "alternate_recipient" with relevance in this case.

One thing that you can do is to count the number of alternate recipients and use constraint that it has to be less than or equal to 1.
Relevance_reapeat_group.xlsx (25.1 KB)

Thanks @Sadiq_Khoja I already did the count of the alternate recipient in the constraint, but was wondering if the above proposal of not showing it to the next respondant is feasible.