Relevant or constraint

Hello dear experts,
I have a problem with my form. I have two questions grouped with for modalities (Yes / No)
Q1: Does this facility offer antiretroviral therapy (ART)?
Q2: Does this facility provide data on the number of patients on ART?
I want: If Q1 = Yes Then Q2 can take the terms "YES" or "No"
If Q1 = No, Then Q2 can only take the modality "No"
How to do ? Help me please

In label section you can put ${Var_Name}. Could you share this section's code it will be more helpful for us.


Quest_Donnees_ETS - Copie.xls (87.5 KB)

Apologies I only understand English and your form is not in English.

Hello Stalker,
Ange, I think you can change the question so that if the response is "No", Q2 won't be displayed and if it's "Yes" in Q1 it'll be displayed with "yes" or "no" categories. I think it's more easier

How to do this: in constraint selected(${Q1}, 'yes').

Stalker can you explain me more how to do this:

hi @ANGE

Try using this, though i don't understand you language but it is that you want to skip the Q2 if Q1 = no. Q2 will not appear, but if Q1 = yes, Q2 will appear. this should work for you.