Remotely connect to the ODK central default database

Hello seniors. Thank you very much for the discussions here. They really keep me informed. I need some help. I want to remotely connect to my ODK central database. It is not custom. it is default. I am not very good at working with containers, so I do not know which configuration file to navigate to. I also tried using the server IP address, but it did not seem to be reached for that particular connection.
I also want to edit the login page but I do not know which file to edit or how to get to it. Your kind help will be highly appreciated

We don't recommend connecting to the database directly because it's not a stable interface. We reserve the right to change the structure, names, and types in the database without telling you. If you want to interact with data in the database, use the Central API, which is a stable and documented interface. If there is something missing from the API, then let us know so we can add it.

Independent of that, making any database accessible to the Internet is not a great idea because it leaves you vulnerable to brute force attacks.

As to editing the login page, what high-level problem do you want to solve by editing this page?