Remove accents from fields

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Is there a formula in xls form to remove the accents?
In our form: data collector enter the names with the accent. As we use the name to generate a unique code read by a database it creates some problems.

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You could use the translate() function to replace all the different accents with the corresponding non-accented letter. For example translate(${myText},'àáèéôö','aaeeoo')
remove_accents_example.xlsx (8.8 KB)

How many different accented letters are possible?

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Dan's solution is very clever, and I love it, but it's fragile.

The likely best fix is to use whatever tool inserts values into your database to strip out non-ASCII characters. For example, if you are using Python, you'd call ascii().


Thank you very much for your answers.
We are trying at the moment : 1) using a regex constraint in the form that does not accept accents and maybe we will implement 2) the ascii solution for more security.

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