Remove household head as the first choice to be selected but maintain the validation

I need some help with this constraint **if(${position}=1,.=1,.>1) **, my goal is to limit the selection of household head to be selected once in the repeat group..but should not necessarily be the first choice
any help is welcome..


select_hh_head_once.xlsx (11.7 KB)

Hi @Mwaka
if you use repeat this topic should help you solve the problem: Avoiding duplicate selection in repeat group - #4 by A.N.M_AL-IMRAN

am only avoiding duplicates of one value....the reset can be in a household there can only be one head but many children, uncles and only problem is avoiding the selection of the household head more than twice...

This form does something like you expect (you can't select answer a more than once):
restrict-repeat-selects.xlsx (6.5 KB)

hey, i get an error if i select b,a,c

ODK app accepts but am not able to save the form.. Ideally i should be able to select a anywhere in the repeated group