Remove 'next' and 'back' button while filling text field in ODK Collect

While filling text field in ODK Collect app, 'next' and 'back' buttons show up. There are multiple questions in the form, the text field is the middle question. When user fills the text field, he/she has to press back button to come out of the text field. If 'next' button is pressed while inside text field, the form moves to the next page.

Ideal behavior should be to not show 'next', 'back' button while filling text field and user can either press return key or back button to get out of the text field.

Is there any solution to this?

I am using ODK app v1.30.1
Android 10


Hi @mustafaarif
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We provide three navigation options:

  • horizontal swipes
  • back/next buttons
  • both options mentioned above at the same time

the last option is enabled by default but you can change it is General Settings -> User Interface -> Navigation
If you select the first option you won't see the buttons.