Rename Aggregate project

Hi, dear all.
Can somebody tell me please, if, from Google cloud Platform, it is possible to rename an existing Aggreagte project? or any other way to do that?
In advance, thanks.
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I also want to know desperately

What specifically do you want to rename? The appspot url? (e.g.,

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Hi, @yanokwa
yes, I want to rename the "example" part in that url.
In addition, i would like to know, how to point a paid sub-domain name to my aggregate project at that url (any documentation on this will help me doing it).

Hi @Amal,

Check out the link below, it provides with a guide on how to map a custom domain

And to be very explicit here, App Engine does not allow you to change the project ID (e.g.,

Your options are to use a custom domain as @dicksonsamwel suggested or create a new project and migrate the data form the old domain to the new domain using ODK Briefcase.

Many thanks to you all, @dicksonsamwel and @yanokwa.
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